Tuesday, January 20, 2009

with the garretts

eating at fajitas restaurant with the garrett family:

(doesn't mom look great?)


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  2. the only way to edit is to delete- correct?
    Mom- you look spectacular! seriously. I hope I look that good at 67.
    I also hope that you keep up this blog. I know you're probably cursing at Brooke right now because this is NOT what you asked her to do. Because who has TIME to blog? Certainly not you. And neither do Brooke and I...but we do it because it's a wonderful way to keep in touch with people you wish you kept in touch with more. Do it, mom. Please?
    And I'll work on Staci... cuz she doesn't have time to blog either.
    Who wants to take on Brett and Pepper?

  3. I'm pretty sure mom will still look that good when she is actually 67 in 9 months. I love your hair!!

  4. woops. mom is probably really mad at me for aging her. I thought I did the math right, but I guess I forgot to take into account the fact that her birthday hasn't happened yet in 2009. sorry, mom. you look great for 66, too.

  5. seriously, when did everyone in our family become birthday nazis? kristen jumped all over staci about amy's birthday and now staci is smacking back to amy about mom's birthday. funny.

  6. Aunt Nevada,

    Thanks for the message on my blog! I would be thrilled to get a copy of more recipes. My address is
    Katie Garner
    2719 Stony Hill Way
    Spanish Fork, UT 84660

    I'll have to try those whole wheat pancakes now. We just finished off the buttermilk mix this morning!